Something else with this blog

I am debating with myself whether or not I should start a genealogy site – and at the moment my main concern is the name. Most people making these sites choose their surname combined with the words “family” or “genealogy” which, of course, makes perfect sense, but I want to pick something unique – and I am having such a hard time coming up with something decent that also depicts what the site is about.

Maybe I should just use this blog? No, not really. This was originally set up as a way for me to describe my weight loss journey, but I am not good at writing weekly updates because it makes me sad when the week didn’t go as planned. *sigh* However instead of just throwing this site completely, I have decided to try and add other thought ´s in the mix such as my love for baby names, sharing some recipes (not that I would make all them, but they still look good!), and genealogy (there are also many nice and interesting names!)

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